Bruges, Belgium (by Jose M Vazquez)

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Alba Iulia, Romania (by Vincent Rowell)

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Malaika Firth by Tim Walker for W Magazine April 2014.

Photography: Tim Walker

Styling: Edward Enninful

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The Elizabeth Saloon at Belvoir Castle

Richard A. Higgins Photography

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River House, Aquitaine, France

photo via cc

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MONSTERS AND MAGIC | Machiavelli's Princess (requested by henrrywinter)

He thinks he owns her. They all do. In the streets they cry out for her; queen, saint, saviour. They clamber at the palace gates, and she opens her arms to them. They think she’s a fairy-tale, but she is a knife in the dark, a poisoned chalice. She will own every last golden apple.

He thinks the kingdom is his, but she could have him replaced. The barons are under her thumb; the general dreams of falling into her bed. She bears her husband daughters and teaches them to smile. If a man ever tries to make you love him, she tells them, crush him under your heel.

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Ein Wintermärchen - Burg-Hohenzollern, Weihnachtlich im schneeverzauberten Schlosshof / 37/420 v by roba66
Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany

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palace of versailles

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Belcastel, France(by lyli12)

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